Why Us?

      Ever notice how it's hard to find quality feeders in the East Texas area? Sure, you can go to the local pet stores but they tend to be overpriced and not have what you need. As reptile owners, you need a source for feeders that doesn't break the bank and has the feeder you need when you need it. It's frustrating not being able to find the food you need for your reptile as this can become concerning for the welfare of your animal. Don't fret, Alchemy Reptiles is here to help. We breed a constant supply of rodents so you can feed when you need to. Rodents range from mice, to rats, to even African soft fur rats. Imagine not having to worry about where you will get you next feeder from and for what high price that might be. 

Contact us today and we can help you fill those feeder needs.

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All frozen rodents humanly euthanized with CO2.