**Please read description carefully**

Everything you need for your new hatchling ball python other than the enclosure, temperature & humidity gauges & the snake!


Kit includes:

  • 1-Bag of Bedding (breeders choice, appropriate for a ball python)

  • 2-hide boxes, Upgraded style. These will be more decorative than the simple plastic ones, and will look like rocks or caves. 

  • 1-branch (breeders choice, snake safe wood)

  • 1-water bowl

  • 1-under tank heater

  • 1-dome lamp with built in dimmer

  • 1-ceramic heater

  • 1-Upgraded digital thermostat for under tank heater

  • 2-package of fake plants for decor 


You'll need to provide the enclosure, temperature & humidity gauges of your choice.


We recommend Exo Terras front opening enclosures and digital temperature & humidity gauges. Kits are designed for a 10 gallon up to a 40 gallon enclosure or a tub the proper size for a hatchling to juvenile snake. 


***Please note that colors & products may vary due to availability*** Some items might ship separately. 


Deluxe Ball Python Starter Kit