Defining Characteristics: 

  • Great beginner frog
  • Bright blue/green and black/bronze coloration
  • Moderately bold
  • Very easy to breed
  • Quiet call
  • Large
  • Can be kept in groups


Name: Dendrobates auratus 'El Cope'. Commonly called the Green and Black Poison Dart Frog. The species is commonly referred to as 'El Cope' in the United States frog hobby. Simply calling the species 'auratus' is fairly common, as well.


Recommended Vivarium Size: A 10 gallon aquarium is suitable for a single Dendrobates auratus 'El Cope', but we recommend a 20H or 18x18x18 Vivarium for 1-3 frogs. Auratus will not climb as much as other varieties of dart frogs, and prefer a horizontally oriented tank. El Cope auratus seem to appreicate a water feature, such as a small pond.


Temperature: They can tolerate a temperature range of 65 F to 85 F, but prefer temperatures in the low to mid 70s. Temperatures over 85F are dangerous.


Humidity: Like most poison dart frogs, auratus prefer a humidity range of 70 – 100%, but can tolerate humidity down to 50% for short periods of time if the frogs have access to water. Low humidity levels, especially without access to water, can quickly be fatal to Dendrobates auratus 'El Cope'. Auratus in particular seem to enjoy a wetter environment and higher ambient humidity levels vs other species of poison dart frogs, and will be more active in a more humid environment, especially when provided with a water feature. In the wild, auratus are commonly found in association with streams.


Size: Adult female El Cope Auratus are larger, measuring in at approximately 1.5 inches. Male El Cope auratus are a bit smaller, averaging about 1.25 inches at maturity. All of the Dendrobates auratus 'El Cope' froglets we sell are well started juveniles, and measure approximately 3/4” long.


Age: Dendrobates auratus 'El Cope' is capable of living well over 20 years in captivity under ideal conditions, although a lifespan of 10 years is more common. All 'El Cope' Auratus for sale at are well started juveniles, and are 2-3 months old.


Feeding: Like most poison dart frogs, El Cope auratus poison dart frogs prefer smaller foods. All of the Green and Black auratus dart frogs we sell will readily eat Drosophila melanogaster fruit flies. Adult Dendrobates auratus 'El Cope' will readily consume Drosophila hydei fruit flies and pinhead crickets. All ages of poison dart frogs will enjoy springtails and isopods. All feeder insects should be dusted with a vitamin/mineral supplement.


Dendrobates auratus 'El Cope' (Captive Bred)