Please note this is a stem cutting and NOT a potted plant. To grow place in water and allow for roots to grow before planting. 


--Ficus pumila 'Creeping Fig' is a clinging vine that can eventually cover wall, arbors, fences or any other structure that it comes in contact with. It's a native of China, Japan and Vietnam and prefers moist, humid conditions where it will thrive. Ficus pumila 'Creeping Fig' prefers part to full sun.


USDA Hardiness Zones 9-11


Container Gardens/Terrariums/Houseplant:

Ficus pumila 'Creeping Fig' is a great plant for container gardens or terrariums. Although it is a profuse grower, it is easily pruned to keep under control. The small leaves give it a somewhat miniature look and it is often used in fairy gardens. It prefers moist soil. Ficus pumila 'Creeping Fig' will aslo make a great houseplant as it will cascade down the side of the pot. 

Ficus pumila 'Creeping Fig' Stem Cutting

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