Porcellio scaber & armadildium nasatum mix 

A nice mix of P. Scaber & Armadildium morphs

We'll pick randomly from our mother cultures - the more you order, the more variety you'll get! Party Mix may contain:

  • normal / 'Shiny' gray P. scaber
  • P. scaber 'Orange'
  • P. scaber 'Dalmation'
  • a mix of the above!

Mix scaber Isopods are large, active, and very colorful. This species is also super fast! 

This species mix can be anywere from scaber and various scaber morphs ,nasatum & various nasatum morphs, laevis & morphs like milkback and dairy cow,zebra,vulgare,cubaris murina,powder orange blue or white, dwarf white,dwarf purple and others!

Plese be arware that you may not receive one of every species, this is just an idea of what you can get in the mix!

Porcellio scaber & armadildium nasatum mix isopods 10+ Count

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